No credit? No problem? Why Not Lease It?

Sun Furniture's Lease to Own Program - No Credit Required

Sun Furniture’s lease to own program requires no credit score, approves over 90% of applicants, offers generous approval amounts and provides a flexible payment schedule for customers. You select the products you want or need and Sun Furniture’s leasing partner, WhyNotLeaseIt™, purchases them for you. After making your first payment you can take the merchandise home or have it delivered. After 4* more payments your minimum term expires and you can choose between buying out of the lease, continuing to lease, or returning the merchandise to WhyNotLeaseIt.

*If you select bi-weekly payments the minimum term requires 9 more payments

Some of the Benefits of Sun Furniture’s Lease to Own Program:

No Credit Score Required

Over 90% Approved in Seconds

Generous Approval Amounts

Flexible Payment Schedule

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